Who is Stefan Bangert ?

A versatile musician and sound engineer, Stefan holds a degree in sound engineering from the School of Audioengineers (SAE) in Cologne.

As a sound engineer, sound recordist and sound designer on feature and short films, he has been involved in various cinematic productions throughout Europe. He has worked for numerous award-winning films and distinctions.

As a double bass player, being surrounded by sounds in an orchestra, his curiosity and search for something new, awakened in him the fascination to explore immersive sound experiences. When the first binaural projects became available on the Internet, he built his own dummy head microphone and was thrilled with the results. The spatial reproduction of even the most difficult acoustic environments was so surprising and sensational that he is convinced that it will revolutionise the perception of musical worlds and literally change listening habits. In his online catalogue, he invites his audience to discover the extraordinary subtleties and realistic spatial representation of his musical productions. He wants to change the way music is experienced and to do this he creates unique projects.


Asked about his passion for 3D audio, he answered:
"To provide the best product, to create beauty, to use my business to inspire and uplift humanity. That's my guiding principle and I firmly believe I'm doing that through the production of binaural music.
I like to find the exact point where the music and the environment blend so harmoniously that it becomes a complete experience. That's where I place my microphone to capture all the magic. The aim of these sound recordings is to reproduce the fusion between the music and the musicians, the audience and the venue. That's where the magic happens.
And the great thing about my approach is that it fits in with modern listening habits and is also accessible to everyone.
For a live recording, the microphone can be placed discreetly in front of the first row of chairs. The musicians are not disturbed by this and the acoustic imaging is very accurate. We hear all the details such as breathing and body sounds of the musicians, but also of the audience. The sounds of doors, chairs, coughs and even the whispers of the audience are also faithfully recorded. This may seem disconcerting, but just like in the real listening room, we can put the sounds in the background because we hear them in the distance or behind us.
For me, binaural sound makes it possible to offer a unique sound experience to everyone for the cost of headphones! This makes "beautiful music" even more popular! Indeed, everyone has headphones at home and you won't need to hang 36 speakers on the wall and under the ceiling to listen to music in 3D!"

In his one man mobile recording studio, he is responsible for development, strategy and content, he puts together a catalogue of original binaural music in cooperation with emerging young talents and independent musicians. This catalogue, which can be consulted on the internet, covers a wide spectrum: medieval, renaissance, baroque, ambient, choral and traditional music in the langue d'oc.

Stefan Bangert is based in the Dordogne, in the Vézère valley. He is running his mobile recording studio for 11 years now.