3D audio, also known as binaural audio, immersive sound or spatial audio, is a revolutionary new technology that is taking the audio world by storm.

So there’s no wonder that this is the hottest topic in audio right now. Spatial and immersive categories are featured on streaming services like Apple Music, Tidal, Netflix, Amazon HD and more to come. They captivate the listeners’ fascination with the promise of a new listening experience.

Immersive hearing extension
Hearing extension

But what is so special about 3D?

Compared to vision, sound offers total immersion and can be perceived from all directions at once. It is a form of sound that is designed to be heard in three-dimensions, as opposed to the traditional two-dimensional sound that most of us are used to. This technology uses a variety of methodes to create a realistic and immersive listening experience that can be experienced over headphones or speakers.

Applications of immersive sound reproduction are flourishing in cinemas and homes, recording studios, planetariums, opera houses and outdoor events. And yes, immersive audio allows us to rediscover the true potential of the emotional experience in all its facets.

Immersive formats are designed for consumers, so playback is supported on headphones and many consumer playback devices, such as soundbars and smart speakers.

What is 3D audio?
Listening with speakers to immersive music

If no ceiling speakers are to be installed, there is an alternative: the so-called Dolby Atmos enabled set-ups. In this case, “upfiring speakers”, i.e. additional speakers that throw the sound to the ceiling, are used.

But the real champion of all audio listening devices these days are definitely headphones. This means, you don’t need a large speaker setup to listen to immersive music.

That’s excellent news, isn’t it?

By listening to immersive music productions, you can experience the fully intended potential expected from the composition. You will have the feeling of being completely surrounded by an immersive musical experience. You are literally bathing in music. A music that is reflecting the emotions in as authentic way.

It is the new fascination of sound.