3D Music Production

Think 5 years ahead - and get your music productions future-proof

New big players are invading the 3D music-market: Apple Music, Amazon HD and Tidal are attracting musicians by offering to publish their songs directly on their platform, in 3D.

Music produced in Dolby Atmos, binaural, MPEG-H or any other 3D music format will be the future of music production.
In the next five years, this will be the new standard.

And if you don't join in, you get kicked out.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way.

Our Mission

We at BINAURAL MUSIC PRODUCTION are specialized since 2004 in spatial music production. With us, you make your musical productions future-proof.

Our immersive music mixes enhances the artists full creative vision. More detail means more emotional authenticity means more life. The amount of reality and spatial representation is much more detailed than other formats.

And the second best of all is, there are no additional costs, neither for the producer, nor for the listening audience.

One single format serves it all. No need to update an already existing listening setup at home.
To benefit from this fascination of sound, there is no special equipment necessary. Every format will be created in realtime by the Dolby Atmos renderer, even binaural rendering.

And now for the best of all: You get the feeling of having a warm bath of sound and emotions. Don't listen, FEEL.

Discover the magic in music!


Our music productions revolutionize the perception of sound by opening up the musical horizon to a 3D sound field so that the listener can experience the intended full emotional potential of music !